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YouTube Course – 20+ Free Lectures To Start Earning

YouTube Course – The course that people always waited for.

The YouTube Course I designed which revolutionalized Online Market in Pakistan. I was the first ever person who launched YouTube Courses Online in such a detailed manner that anybody could easily understand the fundamentals and basics of YouTube.

Later I launched advanced YouTube Training Lectures that helped many students in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh where my courses were watched and implemented accordingly.

Students got massive and great results that you are going to see in the last of this post.


Finally, there are something that I want to share with you guys so you can exactly know what this post contains and how you can take benefits.

You know what, the YouTube courses that I designed and launched as paid is now absolutely FREE!!!

Yes! You read it right. It’s FREE for all and you can download it right now.

Why FREE This YouTube Course?

Back in April or May 2016 when I launched this YouTube Course, everyone or we can say leg pullers started abusing me for charging people for teaching the stuff that I have been already taking benefits from. They mean to say if I can earn from these methods, why shouldn’t I tell these for free?

Poor Thinking. Why should a Person take out time to teach and train for free? I mean seriously did you take School or College Classes for free?

Anyways, the debate can be so long.

Here is now what you wanted is completely free.

What Happened to Paid Groups?

Well, I had created and managed two groups for these two big YouTube Training.

The first one was YouTube Rockstar.

The Second was YouTube Buddies.

You see here, I have combined all students in New Group which is “Blogging CEO” Group.

Why? Because I can talk, help, support and update new things around in YouTube at once place.

Students Results:

Well, here I would like to show you some results of my students who worked according to this training and now earning and having good results from YouTube.

How and Why to Join Groups:

Well, if you talk about learning, I have exactly and completely taught each and everything I knew in my all YouTube Lectures that you can watch above.

But, Still YouTube gets updated time by time.

There are many things that are updated on regular basis on YouTube. Like you can say some new features, new pattern, new strategies.

Students keep getting help from me whenever they see anything going wrong or not working for them.

Like for example, We could upload multiple videos at same time. But now when you saw a mass suspension of YouTube Channels in November and December 2016, Our strategies got changed. We now upload only 1 video per day on 1 channel.

There are many tips and tricks that we keep applying to make huge money on YouTube 😉

All these and everything I share on my secret group with paid students.

Why? These are not things to be discussed publically 😉

Why to Join?

I am not free every time to discuss and help each and every single student on daily basis.

  1. Receiving 100+ messages every day in which students keep asking me so many questions that of course I am unable to reply them all.
  2. Able to answer Your questions only in Group.
  3. Sharing updated stuff, tips and tricks, working strategies and so many things in Group.
  4. Coming live and talk with every student who watches me live and answer their queries.
  5. Having a team of 24+ great minded YouTuber who has made millions (Approx 66+ crores Pakistani) to this month since 2008 on YouTube. (I am just a little one earner 😉 )
  6. My secret YouTube Team is also member of this group and nobody knows about them 😉
  7. Each and every student helps each other whenever they get confused or stuck with anything when I am not available. So we work like a Family.
  8. Not only Covering YouTube in this group. I am going to start few more courses which will absolutely be free of course. Like Blogging, Fiverr, Niche Blogging, SEO and much more. Well Known Bloggers and Professional will teach all these stuff.
  9. Last but not least, you can only get answers to your queries only in my paid group.

How to Join:

To join is a very simple task.

Step 1: Watch complete YouTube Training Videos above and I am sure you will start earning.

Step 2: If you are sure you need a team and you want ‘updates’ and of course you want to learn more, then join us by simply filling the form below. Our joining fees is very low as $24 (Rs. 2,000/-) one time. (Hurry UP! Join NOW before we start charging yearly.)

Step 3: One of my Employee Probably Taha will contact you via facebook or you will be sent a complete email mentioning our payment information so we can proceed further and welcome you to Our  ‘Group’.

Remember! You will only get help and support from ‘Group’. I can’t and will not reply via Personal Messages, Call or emails.

You can only get help from us via Group.

If you are unable to pay our group fees, no problem. First Watch YouTube Course above. Earn from YouTube. Withdraw your money and join us.


Wishing a very best of luck to you and suggest taking actions right now and join a team of over 650+ paid YouTube Rockstars Students of mine who are working together to learn and earn more.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading out this article and I appreciate that. I welcome you to my free YouTube Training and there is no more secrets except the “Group” in which we work together like a family.

Hope to see you in ‘Group’


About the author

Umer Iftikhar

My name is Umer Iftikhar, the owner of this blog. Catch me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter :)


  • Really awesome and appreciate able program which you launch now.
    This will help both you and the students who are willing to learn and work on YouTube. This will also decrease the claims (from e-beggers type people) that I can’t afford fee.
    Someone who is really interested to earn can start learning from this free course and by implementing these strategies can earn and pay fee.
    This also clarify to students that could they really work or not. If someone feel that YouTubing is not suitable for him/her. S/he can leave with would wasting his money to paid course.
    Really great idea.

  • Bhai jee you’re really great person.. bundle of thankss
    i watch you’re YouTube course only 13 lecture and got a lot of information which i am searching from many months on YouTube but you are the really person which gave me inspiration and hope you can but not you can everyone can. and you’re my teacher from now and i respect you as i respect my teachers.i am also your fan. i will not say that i’am your fan reply me,give me number ant thing or else but i just exposed my feelings and i will join your paid group as soon as i will able to join IN SHA ALLAH.
    thanks sir

  • Assalam-o-alaikum, brother kindly agar ap meri aik help kr dyn thori sy to kafi support ho jay ge mughy.!! kindly agar ap ye bta dyn ya video link dy dyn jis ma video ki seo ho or social media py sharing ki tips hon.!!!

    waitng for your reply…JazakAllah!

  • sir any one give me link to camtesia so i can download complete version from there…i have windows 10 64bit it will be help full for me (zubair.aslam@orixpakistan.com) or facebook.com/xubairxheikh

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